May New Class Releases

Each month, new videos are automatically added to all Fitness On Demand™ systems. This month, we’ve added 8 new engaging virtual fitness classes! Preview the classes below and try a new class today!

We are also excited to announce Dashama Yoga Lifestyles, Latinva Dance Fitness, and PLYOGA Fitness as brand new content partners now available on Fitness On Demand™!

Dashama Yoga Lifestyles: 30DYC Sun Salutations In this all levels Sun Salutation Vinyasa sequence, you will practice three variations: A, B & C. This practice can be done at anytime of the day and warms you up and prepares you for a full yoga practice. It can also be a full practice by itself. Always remember to stay connected to your breath and be present with your movements. Enjoy the journey and receive the benefits of your efforts.
Dashama Yoga Lifestyles: Inner Thigh Flexibility Inner thighs are a contralateral muscle group to the hips. In this sequence, Dashama guides you through an effective inner thigh stretching sequence to advance flexibility. Remember to breathe and always listen to your body.
Dashama Yoga Lifestyles: Chi Flow Vinyasa In this all levels vinyasa yoga session, Dashama guides you through a calming and centering practicing fusing the ancient systems of Yoga and Qi Gong. Chi Breath technique is used to calm the nervous system and release excess stress. Fluid movements connect you to the water element and open the shoulders, joints, hips, as well as strengthen the legs and core while improving spinal mobility.
Latinva Dance Fitness: Latinva Revolution ROCK IT LIKE A DANCE STAR WITH LATINVA! Ignite your spirit with the ultimate cardio dance workout! The Latinva Revolution is an innovative freestyle dance fitness program that includes a broad range of sexy Latin dance steps, Bachata, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Mambo, Merengue, Salsa and Tango. Lose yourself to the music and sweat as never before while your transform and shape your body.
Cathe Friedrich: Low Impact AfterBurn AfterBurn. The name alone says it all—so get ready to turn up the heat and send your metabolism into overdrive! You’ll use your own body weight plus dumbbells for metabolic intervals alternating with low-impact, high-intensity cardio for the ultimate fat burning workout.
PLYOGA Fitness: PLYOGA Flow A kicked up, hrybrid, yoga inspired workout that emphasizes recovery, balance, and flexibility through power yoga postures.
Induro Cycling Guided: Loch Leven, Scotland Travel the circuitous route around the lush banks of this sea lake on the west coast of Scotland starting over the Ballachulish Bridge. Also known as Loch Lyon this loch has nine small islands that serve as the burial places for many Scottish clans.
iDEA: Army Bootcamp - Level 3 This workout aimed at kids features instruction on four different types of exercise followed by a complete circuit of all of the exercises performed together. The featured exercises include: Lateral Walks, Squaddies Split Squats, Star Jumps, and Soldier Sit Ups.