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The Promise Behind a Preferred Audio Visual Integrator


Since Fitness On Demand™ was formed in 2011, we set out to ensure that every product designed would deliver exceptional value to our customer base at an extremely affordable price.  To do so, we became determined to always compete on the quality of the relationship we build and the experience we provide our customers.  In the years that followed, we became the fastest growing, most innovative organization in the virtual group fitness category.  At every interaction within the customer lifecycle, we strive to perfect our reputation.  To architect the greatest value, we offer best in class service at each step; if we can’t provide it direct in-house (like product installation) we are relentless about proposing a handshake to someone who can. 


Anticipating our customers’ needs is one of the greatest concierge customer service gestures we offer.  We know that the long-term success of our product rests heavily on (i) operator education around product features, and (ii) proper product installation.  We established the Fitness On Demand™ Preferred Audio Visual Integrator (“PAVI”) Program  to allow us to remain committed to the former principle, while partnering with leading AV companies to deliver the latter with parallel exceptional service.


Your dedicated Customer Experience Advisor will manage the onboarding process with pristine individual care and is available to help you consider the crucial impact of a thorough professional installation and the benefits of a well-defined budget.   Ask him/her to introduce you to the Fitness On Demand™ endorsed and preferred audio visual integrator company in your area.

Benefits of the PAVI Program

  • Exclusive partnership catalog with leading companies like LG Electronics
  • Ease of ordering from a pre-negotiated catalog with favored nation pricing
  • Reduced transaction costs from using one single vendor for full product installation
  • Pre-established customer-centric terms and conditions
  • Greater service levels because preferred vendors have a strong commitment to FOD™
  • Monitored performance by FOD™ to ensure compliance of PAVI program
  • Better management control and more automated adherence to policy to minimize the ethical questions about vendors you are purchasing from

Risks of Using a Third Party Company

  • Unfamiliarity with product installation and best practices
  • Standard market rates available to the public
  • Uncontrolled labor rates and agreement terms

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