“Fitness On Demand™ is amazing! My initial thought was that I would only see interest from fitness enthusiasts; however, I am noticing an increasing interest in the Fitness On Demand™ from those initially less inclined to join a gym and/or pay for classes. It’s a great tool in leasing those who won’t typically want to pay for these types of courses. They are realizing that we are offering everything, even free fitness.”
“Fitness on Demand™ is up and running and the residents love it! Thank you so much for your help with everything so far!”
“We’ve seen the spectrum of people involved in group fitness broaden. Before Fitness On Demand™, men seldom participated in live classes, and now we have groups of men coming in to use the system. Also, our members really like the variety of classes and the fact that it’s available 24 hours a day. The flexibility is a real selling point. Fitness On Demand™ has converted a frequently vacant studio into a comprehensive group fitness hub. It’s the best investment we’ve made.”