In Focus: Thoughts From Leadership   FOD App Updated, New Direction for Growth You won’t often find us being introspective at FitnessOnDemand. We’re usually laser focused on working with our content producer partners and clients all over the world and simply don’t catch our breath to realize what just happened. But as the summer begins […]

In the Spotlight: Rochester Athletic Club   A regular look at the global trend-shapers and experts that help FitnessOnDemand keep our customers on the front edge of what’s happening in fitness. This month, Sarah Cima, Group Fitness Director, and Matt Remick, President, from Rochester Athletic Club. FOD: Rochester is probably one of the largest clubs […]

New Plyoga Express V2 Now Available   This month, we’ve added 5 new workouts to the PLYOGA Fitness channel. PLYOGA is a 4 part interval training system using the benefits of fundamental & accelerated yoga as an active recovery for plyometric (reactive) movement. The PLYOGA Express V2 workouts are based on a set of 5 […]

Health News: September is Cholesterol Checkup Time!   More than 102 Million Americans suffer from high cholesterol. It’s a fatty substance that our bodies need to digest some kinds of food and to make hormones. But too much, usually from poor diet and/or not enough exercise, can be bad. Cholesterol clogs and narrows the arteries […]