You’d be hard pressed to find a new multi-family residential building without a gym today. Compared to the 1970s when fewer than 30 percent of developments had onsite facilities, today almost 95 percent of developers provide on-site fitness and healthy living options for renters. Working out from home skyrocketed during the pandemic, but as we […]

With club and fitness center customers around the world, we always want on-the-ground experts providing FitnessOnDemand support and local-market expertise. This month our international team welcomes all-round fitness industry – and real life – veteran Steve Perrins as UK lead. Steve’s interest in fitness goes back to his early career days in the British military […]

This month, In the Spotlight heads Down Under to check in with Blake Jackson, Club manager, SNAP Fitness in Bellbowrie, Queensland, Australia.   Tell us a little about your club, Blake? We celebrated ten years in 2020 – quite an unusual year for any kind of celebration – and just 12 months after we relocated […]

Winter typically means a bit too much hunkering down with Netflix, too many sneaky calories and a lot of easy weather excuses for not getting to the gym. But it’s April, it’s spring and time to check in with your fitness plans. Whether you stalled out New Year’s fitness resolutions weeks ago, feel your workouts […]

Virtual Fitness The Buzz

Each month we ask club customers and managers of other fitness facilities what’s the biggest question on their minds. And do our best to answer it with steps to take.   QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Q: “How do we adjust to the increase in member return and capacity concerns?” A: Look for new ways to […]

Corporate virtual Fitness

It used to be that only trendy startups in silicon valley or corporate giants could afford employee gyms and fitness facilities. But workplace fitness is about to change – and it’s for every company of any size. Advances in premium digital fitness content, always on bandwidth, and the work-from-home era shift just kicked off by […]

At FitnessOnDemand we offer thousands of classes of high-quality, premium digital fitness content from some of the world’s leading names and experts in personalized fitness. Of the many options we have to offer, lets countdown our top most popular classes from March 2021.   5. FitFusion: Tone + Shred Abs Tone and Shred is the […]

Gronkowski virtual fitness

Featured Left to Right: Gordon Jr., Gordon Sr., Dan, Glenn, Rob and Chris Gronkowski If you like pro sports you know the Gronkowski family name. They’re a family sporting dynasty. But you probably didn’t know they’re also behind one of the most successful fitness equipment retail brands in the country: G+G Fitness and Gronk Fitness. […]