#BusinessGoals: Hard at Work on the Future

#BusinessGoals: Hard at Work on the Future

Announcing New Leadership and Partnerships

You won’t find us talking inside baseball very often on this page, about what our business is doing and why. But we’re going to break that rule just this once. The reason? FitnessOnDemand has had an incredibly busy, action-packed month or two that spells really great things for the future and our partners.

In the past month we’ve added to our comprehensive portfolio of fitness content with world leading brands like Daily Burn and rounded out our wellness offerings with guided audio meditations from Meditation Studio. We’ve introduced ClassCount, a smart camera technology that helps optimize classes for our club operators. And there are more partnerships and innovations to come. It’s an exciting time.

Even more fun. In a few short weeks we celebrate our 8th anniversary. We’ve grown quickly in that time thanks to great people and amazing partners, and we’re on track to keep going. So it’s an incredibly exciting and rewarding time to be assuming the leadership role at FitnessOnDemand and shaping what our next 8 years look like.

Talk about #BusinessGoals…

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