Health News: September is Cholesterol Checkup Time!

Health News: September is Cholesterol Checkup Time!


More than 102 Million Americans suffer from high cholesterol. It’s a fatty substance that our bodies need to digest some kinds of food and to make hormones. But too much, usually from poor diet and/or not enough exercise, can be bad. Cholesterol clogs and narrows the arteries and can lead to stroke or even death.

But before you dwell too much on this depressing topic, know that it’s Cholesterol Education Awareness Month, and the perfect time to go get a blood test and a checkup at the doctor. Even those of us in the fitness industry who tend to eat right and exercise, need to take a pit stop every now and then and remember to look after ourselves. The CDC says to help prevent high cholesterol we should all be eating more fiber rich foods like oatmeal, avocado and beans or lean meats, yogurt, olive oil and nuts. That doesn’t sound bad at all to us. Find out more here on the risks and treatments for high cholesterol.



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