The Buzz: Trends at The Club Solutions 2019 Leadership Retreat

The Buzz: Trends at The Club Solutions 2019 Leadership Retreat


Hands up if you hear the phrase networking retreat and you run for cover?  I’m sure many of us look at our crammed schedules and think, there’s no way we could spare a few days out of the office or club. Particularly as we gear up for the busy season. But the truth is, it’s a great opportunity for suppliers and club operators to get together and discuss trends and challenges in the industry. Returning from last month’s 2019 Club Solutions Retreat, I wanted to share some insights and buzz we’re observing around the industry. Check out the highlights below.

Member Experience – Critical to Success

No surprise that members are important, but across the industry club owners are going to extraordinary lengths to make member experience central to their business plans. Members pay the bills, and while attracting new memberships is important, it’s really retaining current members that drives success. So, giving members a seamless, consistent experience across every touch point of the club from front desk to workout wind down was a big talking point.

Evolved Staff Training + Integration

Members trust clubs with their time, the most precious commodity we all have today. And if it’s all about member experience, a big part of guaranteeing consistency and excellence is in everything staff members do. Clubs are helping staff see the club’s amenities, programs, benefits and shortcomings through a member’s eyes. There’s also a movement to foster improved feelings of community and family across clubs, and to empower staff members to show appreciation to members through small gestures.

Technology a Key Component

Across the board, we heard a lot of talk about the importance of technology – to both efficient club operations and member experience. The successful club operation, the best member experience today, requires seamlessly integrated technology from fast and friendly computerized check in, to virtual, on-demand classes that allow members to tap into global exercise trends and call up specific workouts, while showing operators how to optimize their studio and trainer schedules. We couldn’t agree more.

Although the FitnessOnDemand team may not have won the salsa-making contest, we still consider the Leadership Retreat a success!



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