Featured Instructor: Danielle Natoni

Featured Instructor: Danielle Natoni

Danielle Natoni, a featured instructor in the INSANITY series on Fitness On Demand™, is a former fifth-grade math teacher turned fitness professional. In her past career, she would make learning fun and meaningful through “mathercizes.” Now Danielle has left the classroom, but she still considers herself a teacher, just her audience has changed.

“I may have left the chalk behind, but now I write on a wall that speaks to the world and my platform is much more than fitness.”

-Danielle Naton

Danielle, also known as Fit and Funky, is best known for her involvement with the INSANITY® brand, including INSANITY: The Asylum® Volume 2 and INSANITY MAX:30™.
Danielle is not only the Format Expert for INSANITY LIVE, but she is also a Beachbody® LIVE Master Trainer for both INSANITY LIVE and CIZE® LIVE. In addition to her role as a fitness instructor, Master Trainer, and Format Expert, Danielle is a wife and mother to two beautiful girls, Adrianna and Bianca. Her husband, Darren Natoni, is also part of the Beachbody LIVE family.

You can work out with Danielle in 4 INSANITY Live! classes that are now available exclusively on Fitness On Demand™ systems.