Welcome Jason Bates: FitnessOnDemand’s Dedicated Product Owner

Welcome Jason Bates: FitnessOnDemand’s Dedicated Product Owner


jason bates2020 is quickly approaching, but already we have exciting news to share about our plans for the coming year. Welcome Jason Bates, FitnessOnDemand’s first dedicated product owner. That may sound like a very broad job title, but Jason will be laser focused on the two things that have really helped our business grow and attract customers: exceptional technology leadership and truly great customer and user experiences.

Jason joins us as part of our ongoing strategic focus on these things. He’ll be heavily involved with our leadership team to steer a growth course for 2020, but we’re also tasking him with overseeing some areas in which he really excels: how to simplify and streamline user experience with our technology and how to maintain quality across our platform and portfolios of content. He’ll also work closely with our customer experience and development teams to shepherd some exciting new features and product introductions early this year. (More on that at a later date).

Jason has a diverse background in IT solutions, technical quality assurance, international liaison and business analysis. We’ll be putting all of those to great use…




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