3 Reasons Why Talks With Associate Brand Manager, Jen Hirst

3 Reasons Why Talks With Associate Brand Manager, Jen Hirst


Jennifer Hirst FOD


This month’s behind the scenes look at the people of FitnessOnDemand talks with Jen Hirst, Associate Brand Manager, social media guru, designer and fitness junkie.

Q: Jen your role has expanded recently – can you tell us what’s on your plate?

Well it certainly keeps growing, but I’ve always been busy. My role as Associate Brand Manager means I wear a lot of hats every day, every week, supporting our marketing, brand, technology, sales and customer support teams with the tools they need to keep our customers ahead of what they and their members need. That involves running all of FitnessOnDemand’s social channels, keeping our club members and partners up to speed with all of our news, new product developments and showcasing all of our new fitness content opportunities.


Q: What’s one of the fastest evolving parts of your role on the FOD team?

My background has also always been in design, so a large part of my role is providing all the tools and materials that our team needs internally, but also now providing that service to our club customers. In January this year we launched our Club Marketing Kits to give operators things like fitness plans, printable materials and signage and ideas to engage their memberships. Now as clubs are re-opened following the onset of Covid-19, many clubs, especially smaller boutiques have a lot on their plates. So we’re focusing on ramping up and evolving that offering to really help them with their day to day logistics where we can.


Q: Were you always in the fitness industry before joining FitnessOnDemand.

Yes and no! I spent eight years as an art director in editorial and more recently as a senior designer in the telecommunications industry which was fascinating. But my other love beyond design has always been fitness. I’d get up (and still do) at 5:00am, press play on my digital workout and start most of my days that way. That’s made me a better, more energized, healthier team member, family member and mom. And with my role at FOD I can combine my two passions: design and fitness. It’s a busy but rewarding way to spend my day.


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