FitnessOnDemand App Gets Zen with Audio-Guided Meditations

FitnessOnDemand App Gets Zen

Award Winning Audio-Guided Meditation Just Added

Zen out on this news for a moment, if you will. We just added top-rated, five-star meditation content to the FitnessOnDemand app.  Thanks to a new partnership with the Meditation Studio app, we’re bringing ten audio-guided meditations to our app users.

Meditations are guided by leading experts: psychologists, yogi’s and Zen monks (no kidding) and there’s a meditation for everything. Stressed out at work, not sleeping well? Need a confidence boost for your presentation at the office or big life moment? We’ve got all of that covered. Meditations also make amazing post workout cool downs, getting your mind in as great a shape as the rest of you,

And it doesn’t have to be a long session either. There are courses as short as a two-minute quick stress break during the work day to a 25-minute guided sleep meditation to help users relax the body and mind and to let go of their day, easing into restfulness. Sleep meditations provide users with the tips and tools to achieve restful sleep. Other courses are designed to help harness the brain’s innate antidepressant powers, encourage joy and boost positivity, as well as sharpen daily focus and help users become more resilient, balanced and centered in their work and emotional lives.

Check it out or if you don’t have our app yet, try it free for a week here: mobile app.

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