New Workouts Available: GymRa, Tara Lee and Bike-O-Vision

New Workouts Available

GymRa, Tara Lee and Bike-O-Vision


This month we’ve released 29 brand new digital workouts. Included are new releases from GymRa and Bike-O-Vision as well as workouts from brand new yoga provider Tara Lee.


GymRa – Pilates with Booty Sculpting

Get ready for a fun booty workout from Pilates trainer Chelsea Gilson. It’s only 30 minutes long, but she works your glutes from all angles to create a lifted, sculpted buttocks. Grab a mat, towel, water, press play, and get ready to work your buttocks.


Bike-O-Vision – Alsace, France

Take a virtual cycling ride through authentically adorable villages in eastern France with half-timbered houses, cathedrals and vineyards.


Tara Lee – Earth Practice

This yoga series is based on the Earth Element, the first in a series, and will build a strong foundation of stability in the body, mind and spirit. Particularly useful for releasing symptoms of modern living such as headaches, lack of concentration, insomnia and stress, these practices will leave you feeling grounded and calm.

Five new virtual workouts (three Tara Lee and two GymRa) are now available on all FitnessOnDemand virtual fitness platforms for our commercial customers as part of their Platinum membership. Additional GymRa and Bike-O-Vision classes may be added by logging into your FitnessOnDemand account and electing the appropriate channels.
All 29 new workouts are also available through our mobile workout app for iOS and Android.

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