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Each month we ask club customers and managers of others fitness facilities what’s the biggest question on their minds. And do our best to answer it. QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Q: “How do clubs really seize the opportunities that are presented post pandemic?” A: Plan now for what members truly want: convenience, community and care. […]

  It’s tough to find a silver lining amid a global pandemic, but here’s one. Employers across the United States report productivity increased sharply during 2020’s WFH reboot of the corporate workplace. For those lucky enough to be at their dining rooms and home offices, thanks to zero commute times and a lack of distractions […]

GymRa Virtual Fitness

  As American Heart Month is well underway, we released 17 brand new workouts from GymRa to help challenge yourself  as you strive towards a healthy lifestyle. These new videos range in categories, including barre, HIIT, & core specific classes. Two of the new workouts are available to all Platinum Members. The full selection is […]

Virtual Fitness Cardio

Valentine’s Day may be on the horizon, but this month there’s also a big reminder to love something else: yourself and your heart health. National Heart Month just got underway, and after the likely excesses of the holiday season, it’s as good a time as any to make a few tweaks to your diet and […]

  This month we’ve released 3 brand new workouts from Bike-O-Vision. These rides will take you through the scenic Swiss countrysides, magnificent vistas, picturesque towns, and along gorgeous lakesides. FitnessOnDemand partner facilities can add access these classes and the entire Bike-O-Vision channel of 39 classes by adding the channel here. Please see below for a list of […]

Jon Gerken FOD

This month’s behind the scenes look at the people of FitnessOnDemand talks with new digital media team member addition Jon Gerken. Q: Jon, you’re new to FitnessOnDemand, right? What is your role here? I am! And happy to be here. I joined the digital media team in December of last year before the holidays. My […]

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  We’ve all breathed a collective sigh of relief to have 2020 behind us. And while there are, no doubt, considerable challenges ahead, this past, pandemic-impacted year taught a lot of valuable lessons in terms of what people need from their home fitness facilities – to stay healthy, safe and sane. Here’s a New Year’s […]

Virtual Fitness Home User

  There are few years that impact the fitness industry – or any industry – like 2020 has. A year of mitigation and mandates to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and an unpredictable, evolving landscape where many of us planned for, and worked through, club closures, thankful re-openings and recent closures again. As we […]

Virtual Fitness Home User

On average 80 percent of Americans give up their New Year’s resolutions by the second week of February. So there’s still time, right now, to make those fitness plans made in the heat of the moment on December 31, actually stick around for the whole year in 2021. How? Here’s a quick check list on […]

Virtual Fitness Home User

Each month we ask club customers and managers of others fitness facilities what are the burning issues, the questions on their minds:   QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Q: “My club just closed due to Covid – what’s the best ways to keep members engaged virtually while they’re not in the club?” A: As much as […]