Senior Management Moves at FOD Point to Focus On Tech and Operational Excellence

Senior Management Moves at FitnessOnDemand

Point to Focus On Tech and Operational Excellence

Andrew Evenson Uday Anumalachetty

Exciting times at FitnessOnDemand. We’ve made some senior leadership changes that will help to shape our future growth and really drive success for our customers and partners too.

Effective immediately, Uday Anumalachetty, Senior Product Manager and FOD’s technology leader, assumes the leadership role of Divisional Vice President for our company, while Andrew Evenson, Director of Brand, is promoted to Senior Director, Operations and Brand Strategy. The changes sharpen our focus on a dual strategy of category-leading technological innovation and development as well as across-the-board operational excellence.

“We’re watching the emerging macro trends that are really shaping the future of our business and we’re acting accordingly,” says Tom Welter, Chief Operating Officer of Lift Brands, parent company to FitnessOnDemand. “Consumers want always-on, easy access to a wide variety of personalized content wherever and whenever they want it. Club owners want to engage those same consumers beyond the gym walls with their brand and their offerings. So the future for our business has to be about continuing to invest in the best content that engages consumers, but also in designing the technologies and bringing the right management team into place to take us and our customers to the next level.”

Anumalchetty has a two-decade track record of success in technology, engineering and business leadership, while Evenson brings over a decade of fitness industry experience along with years of broad ranging marketing and brand management experience to the role. Congrats to both.

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