The Buzz: Escaping the Equipment Trap and Building Experiences

The Buzz – Escaping the Equipment Trap and Building Experiences



Gyms and health clubs were obvious early adopters of digital fitness for member benefits. But the word is out about what engaging, well-produced and always-on digital content can do in every walk of life from hotels to new build apartment complexes. Over the past month, we checked in with some of our leading-edge commercial property developers and building management customers to hear how FOD is helping their businesses. Here’s the word from the street, well, their offices, at any rate …

Upgrading the Resident Experience

These days there’s a new apartment or luxury condo going up on every block of every city downtown across the country. Or close to. Many of those new buyers are millennials with certain lifestyle expectations for the baked-in amenities that come with a new apartment or condo. Others are boomers gravitating back from the burbs to low-maintenance living with on-site facilities right inside their own doorstep. Both are fans of the curated digital content and classes that FitnessOnDemand now offers in-studio for many new and refurbished building complexes. It’s about convenience and an enhanced experience for residents and buyers.

Brand Differentiation for Better Sales

Of course, not every new condo complex or luxe high rise has FitnessOnDemand. But those that do have another tool to differentiate their brand and attract prospective buyers who are looking to stretch their dollars for the best possible lifestyle benefits. Weird schedule workouts, early morning classes in the depths of winter, and the ability to drop in and try the latest trend in worldwide fitness? All are helping sell a new kind of re-calibrated residential lifestyle benefit to the modern condo buyer. 

Hands-Free for Managers

For over-stretched, time-crunched property managers, digital fitness content is about as hands-free as it gets. Once an FOD system is installed in-studio and the equipment is set up to serve hundreds or thousands of classes at the touch of the button, that’s about all there is to it. A convenience for tenants, and one less thing for managers to worry about.

Escaping the Equipment Trap

The 1980s called and asked for its condo gym back. And they can have it. In the old days – and until recently – condo and apartment gyms were small rooms, out of the way, full of expensive machines that aged as soon as they were installed. Digital fitness content is a smarter buy and a hands down better experience for tenant and manager.

With on-demand fitness there is now no need to be tied financially and physically to heavy pieces of equipment that are trendy one moment and a depreciating, unused assets the next. Some tenants and residents may request – or demand – buzzy brands like Mirror, Tonal or Peloton bikes in their apartment fitness rooms, but the truth is Peloton and other brands like it, are not designed, built or licensed for commercial use. On-demand fitness, with frequently updated content, new classes and new instructors allows you to check that trend box over and over again and never be irrelevant, while offering the widest possible choice of workout for every resident or tenant.


Contact our team if you’re a developer or manager and want to know more about bringing digital, on-demand fitness to your properties.

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