• Integrate Live & Digital Experiences

    Understanding the new member mindset needs of convenience and flexibility will provide the best of both worlds keeping members engaged and connected.

  • Minimize Member Intimidation

    Fear can hold members back from trying new workouts, but digital offerings create an opportunity to attempt new classes within their comfort zone.

  • Create an Experience That Matters

    Adding value, fun, and smoothness to members' lives will create a meaningful experience that will increase their likelihood of returning.

The key to longevity and success

In this webinar, Doug Mahlum, Owner/Operator at Montana Athletic Club, and Nik Herold, Customer Experience Director at Les Mills US, discuss strategies to improve member acquisition, engagement, and retention rates. Listen to real-world experiences and the impact omnifitness can have on any fitness business! Fill out the form at the top of this page to watch it on demand.

Nik Herold

Customer Experience Director | Les Mills US

Doug Mahlum

Owner/Operator | Montana Athletic Club