• Create Enjoyable Experiences

    Better understanding your members' goals and interests will help you form more meaningful connections and increase their likelihood of returning.

  • Prevent Cancelled Classes

    Instructors sometimes don't show up, but you can make sure that the members who do can still complete a workout together and get their sweat on.

  • Invest in Your Club and Members

    Your members should influence the decisions you make, so when it comes to new additions, invest in offerings, equipment, and technology that appeals to them.

The secret formula for industry-leading success

In this webinar, Dr. Steve Boring, Fitness Director at The Rochester Athletic Club, and Andy Peat, CEO at Fitness On Demand, shared the secrets to improving member acquisition, engagement, and retention rates including a dive deep into real-world examples and the impact digital fitness can have on your any fitness business! Fill out the form at the top of this page to watch it on demand.

Dr. Steve Boring

Fitness Director | Rochester Athletic Club

Andy Peat

CEO | Fitness On Demand