Adventure to Fitness – Making Fitness Fun for Kids

Adventure to Fitness – Making Fitness Fun for Kids

Keeping up with kids is hard enough, but when it comes to keeping their interest while trying to exercise, that’s a whole different challenge.  Many fitness centers just put in a movie, do crafts, stretch or let the kids loose in a supervised play area.  But what if you could offer fitness for kids in a structured setting that also provides education, entertainment, fun and physical activity all at the same time?

Adventure to Fitness delivers exactly that – and has partnered with Fitness On Demand™ – to help make fitness fun for kids and give parents peace of mind while they work on their own fitness goals.  Adventure to Fitness was designed under the guidance of fitness and educational experts to help kids live happier, healthier lives through imagination, education and movement.  Currently used in over 25,000 schools in the US, engaging a highly captive audience is what we do best!

Each full length adventure provides kids with 30-minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, that safely combines cardio, strength, agility and yoga exercises in an interval training format, in which kids burn on average more than 145 calories in just one setting!  This style of exercise is an excellent way for growing bodies to burn extra fat, build a little muscle and keep their metabolisms working especially after a long day at school.  In addition, each adventure is infused with information about science, history, geography, math, language arts, health and nutrition so kids are learning while getting a great workout. The Fitness On Demand™ kiosk is the perfect platform to deliver this content directly into kids’ fitness areas, and keep kids’ fitness fresh and exciting each visit.

Mr. Marc – your Adventure Guide and his trusty side-kick, Mr. Clock, lead each adventure to locations all over the world and throughout history.  The primary focus of Adventure to Fitness is “positive screen-time” by using kids’ love for digital entertainment to get them moving and learning, which has proven extremely powerful with kids, teachers and parents. With Adventure to Fitness, no one gets left behind and everyone is empowered to do their best!

Currently there are 2 Adventure to Fitness classes available on all Fitness On Demand™ systems. Subscribe to the full elective channel for even more adventures!


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