31 New Classes Released for August. Jari Love & More

This month we’ve partnered with Jari Love as a brand new content provider on Fitness On Demand™ systems. Jari’s Get RIPPED™ series is a five-phase, no-nonsense full body workout system designed to help people of any fitness level shed unwanted pounds. Three of Jari’s Get RIPPED! classes are now available on all Fitness On Demand™ systems, with a total of 12 available in her elective package.

Also this month, we’ve released 28 additional classes from a wide variety of providers to all FOD™ systems. From kids to seniors, and everything in between, this month’s new releases have something for everyone!

View the complete list of new classes below. Click on the titles for a preview and try a new class today!

Adventure to FitnessSuper Volcano
Adventure to FitnessHawaiian Hero
Cathe Friedrich’s XtrainXtrain Super Cuts
Dance with Ilyse BakerSassy Jazz
Doonya: Bollywood Dance FitnessDoonya – High Cardio
Doonya: Bollywood Dance FitnessDoonya – Core
GAIAMJessica Smith Strength and Flexibility
GAIAMRodney Yee Yoga: Awaken & Energize
GAIAMRodney Yee Yoga: Bending Balance
GymRaMolly’s Abs Plus Glutes
GymRaIntense Ab Lab
GymRaCardio Routine for All Levels
GymRaFull Body HIIT
GymRaTabata A
GymRaTotal Body Strengthening
GymRaSuper Sets for Super Thighs & Tush
GymRaHatha Yoga
iDEAMartial Arts Fitness: Level 2
iDEAStreet Dance: Level 2
Jari Love: Get RIPPEDSlim & Lean
Jari Love: Get RIPPEDExtremely Ripped & Chiseled
Jari Love: Get RIPPEDRevved to the Max
Jennifer Nicole LeeJNL Fusion TKO Fat Blast
Jillian MichaelsBeginner Shred – Workout 1
Jillian MichaelsHot Body, Healthy Mommy-Workout 1
PowerMusicPOWERSTEP 18 – 30MIN
PowerMusicREVOLUTION 21 – 30MIN
PowerMusicRIP 21 – 30MIN
PowerMusicTRANSFORM 4 – 30MIN
PowerMusicWAR 17 – 30MIN
The Dancer’s Workout®Twinkle Twinkle, Naughty Boy!


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