Featured Instructor – Will Brereton of SH1FT

Featured Instructor - Will Brereton of SH1FT

Will has been training fitness instructors and building fitness businesses from London to LA since 1999. Starting out as a Group Fitness instructor in New Zealand, at the age of 18, Will soon grew to become one of Les Mills leading international presenters, traveling the world to launch new workout releases. As a qualified lawyer, Will combined this skill with his passion for group fitness and soon moved into business focused roles, facilitating the successful setup of Les Mills UK in London. He then moved on to BeachBody where he launched more household name group fitness formats in INSANITY LIVE, P90X LIVE and PIYO LIVE in the UK.

But during this time Will couldn’t help but notice flaws in emerging group fitness workouts – particularly high intensity formats that focused on extreme moves that he felt were dangerous for the average class goer. It is because of this, that he decided to create his own group fitness format, SH1FT.

SH1FT stands for Smart High Intensity Functional Training and is an antidote to more extreme forms of HIIT, following the guiding principle that hard work doesn’t have to be hard on your body. Every SH1FT workout combines the best bits of HIIT with the principles of functional fitness, moving the body through six degrees of freedom (6DoF) and allowing people of every fitness level to train smarter and stay fit for life.

SH1FT uses smart, safe and simple progressions to ensure that all levels of fitness can be catered for in a single class, which is the very reason that Will decided to create Virtual fitness workouts. SH1FT is a smarter option for those at any fitness level. Class goers will get an intense workout (prepare to burn some serious calories!), but with movements focused on function.

SH1FTs 6DoF looks at simple athletic motor patterns that work with the body’s natural planes of motions while still embracing concepts of acceleration, deceleration and momentum. By incorporating all of the 6DoF’s, each SH1FT class trains the body’s ability to move in the way biology intended, and makes us better equipped to do all the things a person needs to do in a fit, healthy and active life.

Every SH1FT workout is also based on a theme so your mind can be at play while your body goes to work. Tennis enthusiasts should try GRAND SLAM, the Wimbledon inspired workout, or for a real focus on joint mobility, give HIIT MOB a go, which is HIIT mashed with Mobility.

With SH1FT being less than a year old, Will has had a busy year, but he isn’t going to stop there. 2018 will see some of the best workouts yet hit the Fitness On Demand platform – watch out for our Winter Olympics themed workout or try our Rugby based class all coming soon!