Gym Member Marketing Made Easy

Gym Member Marketing Made Easy

Gym Member Marketing


Does this sound familiar? You re-opened your doors in the last few weeks, wondering how long it would take members to return and classes to fill up. And now you’re juggling everything from busy class bookings to member questions and managing round the clock Covid-19 precautions. It’s going to be that way for a while – so we’re ramping up FitnessOnDemand Club Marketing Kits to do our part to help club managers.

The idea’s pretty simple: it’s member marketing in a box. Think of it as the Purple Carrot of the club world, only it’s free with no subscription charges. Each month we’re providing club customers with the tools and ideas to market their clubs and engage members in a wide variety of ways. Here’s what you can expect in  your monthly kit, sent directly to your club email inbox.


Hassle Free Fitness Plans for Your Members

To make things super simple for members coming back to your club, we’re creating four week fitness plans every month that you can print and provide to members. It takes the guesswork and planning out of firing back up a workout schedule – and keeps things varied with schedules for cardio, weights and three rest days a week. It’s a baseline that members can add to and we include suggestions for the digital content and virtual classes that members can do either in the club or at home on their own time.


Club Marketing Tools

Our kits come to you in your email box with a link to a digital asset folder where you can download plug and play marketing materials. Things like social media plans with four suggested nutrition posts a month with healthy recipes that you can drop into your club Instagram feed, as well as weekly workout plans for members to follow. You’ll also find pre-designed email headers, flyers, posters and even member punch cards that can be printed out and used for tracking workouts for additional incentives.


At Home Support for Virtual

For those members who aren’t quite ready to get back to the physical club yet, or those who are splitting their workouts between the club and home, you’ll find ideas and tools to support those virtual and remote members. How to onboard members with our at-home and on-the-go streaming platform FLEX that brings all the digital content and virtual classes of the gym direct to members wherever they are. There are also ideas for engaging members virtually – our 21 Day FLEX Challenge for instance, that you can implement any time for any suggested fitness goal or time of year.


Get in touch today if you’re not already receiving our free Club Marketing Kit on a monthly basis and join the community.

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