In the Spotlight with Lindy Communities

Lindy Communities

The housing market is white-hot competitive across the country. In the fight to offer ultra-convenience to residents, advanced, on-site fitness has fast become a must-have for developers and residents alike. This month In the Spotlight checks in Frank Baer of Lindy Communities, one of the country’s leaders in multi-family developments and experiential living.


Q: Tell us about Lindy Communities, Frank.

We’re located in a suburb, just a short shuttle or train ride from Philadelphia and we’re a diverse but tight-knit community. On site we have 1,100 units in 85 different formats for everyone from students to young professionals and families. Plus there are three restaurants, a hair salon and specialist treatments like massage and other health and wellness support. In terms of working out – you name it. We have tennis courts, a spinning studio, Pilates, indoor basketball, racquetball and other general workout facilities. It’s true one stop living – once you arrive home.


Q: How did you first learn about FitnessOnDemand and how is it working for your residents?

I come from a fitness background career-wise and had previously been involved with a studio where we integrated FitnessOnDemand, building an entire large video wall in studio. When it came time to spec and outfit our facilities here, FOD was a natural choice and a good complement to our physical, fitness offerings. Right now we are offering classes and content in our dedicated studio and it’s proving popular with many of our older female residents who have organized their own mini classes and as well as our student population who appreciate it with their flexible scheduling needs.


Q: What’s next for Lindy and FitnessOnDemand?

Lindy Communities

We started using FitnessOnDemand right around the start of the pandemic, and left our studio open as much as possible to residents on a reservable basis. Now we’re about to roll out FLEX to residents to enable them to access all kinds of streaming content. Response has been so good that we’re looking at including FOD in 35 other properties across our group. Residents love that they don’t have to pay for the service – it’s included in their rent and other fees. And that’s what counts to us – bringing exceptional, convenient and on-the-doorstep quality living to every one of our tenants.

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