A Mind and Body Transformation

Peak by JW Featuring Nora Tobin

JW Marriott has partnered with health and wellness expert Nora Tobin to nurture your passion for well-being through a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition. From yoga and mindfulness to HIIT, Nora has crafted thoughtful workouts designed to nourish both mind and body throughout your stay and beyond.

Mind and Body

 20 Min.

This workout reduce stress, increases focus and improves sleep improves sleep by stimulating circulation and digestion and enhancing flexibility. The movements combine standing, seated and lying down poses targeting all parts of the body.

16 Min.

This workout increases flexibility and mobility reduces while toning the body. The yoga flow takes the body through a variety of postures designed to increase circulation, lengthen the muscles and strengthen the core.

10 Min.

This yoga routine enhances performance, stimulates the body’s natural ability to burn fat and increases focus. Each posture takes the body through dynamic ranges of motion to ensure boost in overall energy levels. Level 2.

9 Min.

This yoga routine increases core strength, lengthens the muscles and enhances cognitive function. The postures are ideal for the beginner to advanced.


 20 Min.

This workout routine improves mobility and flexibility, increase agility and strengthens the muscles to perform dynamic movements. The exercises include cardio, yoga and core conditioning, delivering a total body workout.

19 Min.

This advanced workout burns fat efficiently by challenging each muscle group. Each exercise increases the body’s ability to adapt to force, while dramatically tones and shapes the physique. Level 2.

15 Min.

This workout builds lean muscle and tones the entire body. Each exercise challenges the body through dynamic ranges of motion while increasing total power output. Ideal for all levels.


17 Min.

This workout tones the stomach, improves posture and reduces back pain by strengthening the muscles around the spine. The exercises include a variety of core strengthening movements that challenge all parts of the abdominals.

15 Min.

This workout targets the core to strengthen and tone the midsection. Each exercise is ideal for beginner to advanced and requires no equipment. Ideal for all levels.

13 Min.

This advanced workout slims the stomach and burns calories efficiently. It incorporates dynamic movements to challenge the core in all ranges of motion. Level 2.

Target Zone

11 Min.

This workout tones the back of the arms and shoulders, creating major definition in a short period of time.

12 Min.

This workout is designed to flatten the abdominals while improving posture. Each movement targets specific areas of the stomach to ensure rapid results.


18 Min.

This workout is designed to burn fat up to 24-hours after the training session. The exercises are broken up into lower body, upper body and cardio movements. Each done at a fast pace to build lean muscle and crush calories.