Provider Guest Blog: SH1FT – Six Degrees of Freedom

The principle of SH1FT is based on six degrees of freedom. This is essentially a robotics and engineering term that refers to how a body or physical entity can move or change position in three-dimensional space. In application, it’s used to make robots and 3D virtual reality programs more flexible and realistic.

The six degrees of movement can be defined in two sets: The first three movements are along straight, or perpendicular lines and comprise forward/backwards (surge), up/down (heave) and left/right (sway). The second set categorizes movement that rotates around the perpendicular lines. These are pitching, yawing and rolling. Visualizing the difference between how a train moves along a track and an elevator up the lift shaft, compared to how a plane banks as it turns through the sky gives a sense of the differences between the two sets.

Much traditional fitness training takes place in the three planes of motion. These are the sagittal, frontal and transverse, which broadly correspond to the first three degrees of movements – along the perpendicular lines.

The sagittal plane divides the body into left and right. Movements in this plane are the up and down movements of flexion and extension like a bicep curl.

The frontal plane divides the body into front and back. These movements are sideways, called abduction and adduction, such as a dumbbell press.

The transverse, or horizontal plane, divides the body into top and bottom halves. Movements in this plane are often rotational but static like a stationary squat and diagonal lift.

However, all SH1FT workouts use the principles of six degrees of freedom to create moves that are functional, dynamic and encompass all movement. Many movements do this simultaneously. Every SH1FT workout will move you up and down, side to side, forward and back, with dynamic folds, bends and twists. SH1FT uses body weight exercises sequenced in a unique way to make sure that you push your body to its utmost capabilities. By using explosive movements, quick direction changes and isometric holds you only need 30 minutes to gain an intense workout that will create a leaner, stronger and more capable body.


Life happens in 3D so you should train your movements to match.

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