New, Immersive Cycling Channels for FOD Club Customers

New, Immersive Cycling Channels for FOD Club Customers


We’ve been cranking away on exciting deals and partnerships throughout Q4 of last year. One of our favorites? A partnership with SUF Cycling that adds two exciting new SUF Cycling content channels immediately for gym and club customers and expands FitnessOnDemand’s overall portfolio of engaging, high energy cycling class content.

SUF Cycling® is a division of The Sufferfest®, the most comprehensive indoor cycling app and program available for individuals and groups. The two new channels include SUF Cycling Starter and SUF Cycling Premier. The SUF Cycling Starter channel is also automatically available for all Cycling On Demand customers at no additional charge.

Members get access to SUF Cycling’s library of 48 video-based workouts across nine categories that use real footage of some of the biggest professional cycling races in the world —including the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and World Championships as well as epic rides along the most picturesque roads in Europe. Every video is designed to keep riders engaged, entertained, and coming back for more, using cutting-edge sports science that creates real results and mimics the biomechanical workout and experience of outdoor riding.

Every SUF Cycling session includes detailed, on-screen instructions to guide members through the entire workout. Interval countdown timers, cadence targets, and recommended effort indicators are all clearly displayed, with audio cues to alert members exactly when to change efforts. The format is so easy to follow it also gives gyms and studios the option of running virtual classes without an instructor to free up schedule time.  



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