The Buzz: Springing Back to Full Capacity

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Each month we ask club customers and managers of other fitness facilities what’s the biggest question on their minds. And do our best to answer it with steps to take.



Q: “How do we adjust to the increase in member return and capacity concerns?”

A: Look for new ways to engage members across your club’s physical and virtual spaces


  1. Work outdoor spaces: they became a popular workaround for clubs to add floorspace and social distancing during 2020’s ups and downs. Many clubs are keeping the idea as a member-favorite and looking for ways to move classes to sunny outdoor spaces or create flexible multi-use footprints that can be Yoga one day and high intensity cardio another as needs and club schedules shift.
  2. Manage capacity with on-demand classes: As class numbers tick up in-studio from a handful to a dozen or more and rising, we’re hearing from club operators that members don’t necessarily want larger class sizes to return. This creates all kinds of scheduling issues. Seek a balance by offering a portfolio of similar workouts and class types virtually on demand in the club during off peak hours or streaming anytime at home.
  3. Integrate live and virtual offerings: Make sure your members begin to view virtual classes and digital content as important and equally-weighted parts of their club experience. Can instructors set “home-work” for class members to perform at home – additional technique practice time, or strength training? Can they recognize at home and on-the-go digital workouts members do as much as they do with praise and support in class? In other words, can members attend class one week, and workout at home another, easing the in-studio strain but also bringing your club’s value beyond the four walls?

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