Exercise Your Independence

Exercise Your Independence

virtual fitness independence

Happy (almost) Independence Day everyone. And we’re not just talking about socially distanced get-togethers with family and friends in the backyard (although they’re great too!). With many gyms across the country re-opened and warm weather bringing back all kinds of workout options, we’re celebrating fitness freedom this month – a liberation from lockdown basement workouts. Check out these quick hacks to keep your summer fitness fresh, diverse and fun.


Add Outdoor Classes

The only thing better than a heart-pumping high intensity interval class is taking one outdoors with the sun on your back. Outdoor classes will never equal the sheer diversity and frequency of in-studio classes, but they’re a refreshing change to add into your fitness mix after months indoors. Many smaller boutiques and specialty studios have started offering weekly yoga and other specialty sessions outdoors. What started as clubs’ considering options for Covid-19 safety precautions is fast becoming a cool new trend to add diversity to your weekly workout schedule.


Take Workouts Wherever

These past few months during stay at home orders many clubs made adjustments to their on-demand fitness content services. Using products like FLEX from FitnessOnDemand – or other services – clubs made it a priority to give members remote access to the classes and content they were enjoying in studio before the pandemic. That ultimate convenience, gyms say, isn’t going away. So if you haven’t already, make sure to talk with your fitness desk at the club and request access to all on-demand content whether you’re in studio on site at the club, working out at home or on the go with your phone. We’re entering an exciting new landscape of fitness where the seamless class content you experience in studio is just as intense and immersive in your family room at home. Take your workout wherever you go.


Cross-Train for Total Fitness Freedom

Many of us can easily fall into a rut with our fitness schedules and get trapped in our comfort zones. But as clubs re-open and summer arrives, it’s the perfect time to shake things up. If you’re a treadmill track star try a cycle class. If you can’t get enough HIIT workouts in your week, find openings to introduce core and stretch classes to tone, repair and strengthen muscle from all that impact. Here too the right kind of on-demand content can help you dip your toe in new waters safely by learning technique for your new moves and classes before you dive in with both feet.


Free Yourself from Guilt

We’ll all been through a big upheaval – and it’s likely not over yet. So free yourself this summer from the guilt of not getting back to your old schedule as quickly as you thought you might. If the alarm goes off and you can’t wait to get to the club, go for it. But if you’re not feeling it, go easy. The brain is a muscle and it needs time to rest and repair your motivation. On lower motivation days, try some short form on-demand classes: stretching, a mini core workout. Everything will move you toward your goals and it’s about the journey not the timeline.

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