Apartment Virtual Fitness

Fitness on the Doorstep: Selling Home Fitness to Residents in the Time of Covid-19 2020 has changed the rules for a lot of things – and working out is for sure one of those. Clubs and other fitness facilities across the country are, for the most part, open and adapting to the new safety protocols […]

3 Reasons Why Talks With Senior Software Developer, Mike Harlow     In our ongoing series of face-to-faces with our team at FOD, this month meet Mike Harlow, Senior Software Developer.   Q: Mike with the explosion in on-demand virtual fitness and digital content everywhere, your job must have just got a whole lot harder? […]

Eat Together, Eat Better – and Get Big Benefits   Some people could argue we’ve all had a little too much enforced togetherness these past few months. But taking the time to eat officially together as a couple, a group or a family can have lasting health and lifestyle benefits. As October is Eat Better, […]

Digital Fitness in Gym

The Buzz: Best Practices for Integrating Digital into Your Club     Every month we check in with club operators, instructors, members and other partners to get a feel for what they’re all hearing and seeing in the nation’s clubs. This month: the low down on how clubs are best integrating digital for members on […]