Technical Support: The 3 Reasons Why with Curtis Weisse

3 Reasons Why

In our continuing series, showcasing the people and  skills of FitnessOnDemand, this month 3 Reasons Why checks in with Curtis Weisse, Technical Support Manager.

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Q: Technical Support Manager – that’s a title that covers a lot of ground, right?

It absolutely does. I’m responsible for overseeing a team of tier one and tier two support agents who work with our customers to answer technical questions or troubleshoot any issue that might arise. But really my job is also to learn from all of those interactions with customers, to identify ways we might be able to improve user experience or our product itself. That means I’m also a liaison with our customer service and product development teams.

Q: What’s the main focus of your job right now?

We’re one of the few functions at FitnessOnDemand where we don’t want the phone to ring. A quiet support desk means we’re doing our jobs right. And it’s been pretty quiet. We actually invested in upgrading the FitnessOnDemand system this last year, improving stability and performance – under the hood things that most customers don’t see. That’s freed up a lot of my time to focus on big picture thinking and strategic support initiatives. Things like proactive outreach to customers and early notifications to let them know there is a support need or potential issue before it becomes a critical need. We’re working on ways to always keep the human in the technology and support equations. Many tech companies sell a SaaS product and then fall down on support after the sale. We believe it’s an ongoing, continual partnership with our customers, helping them avoid dealing with any problem so they can focus on their business and their customers first.

Q: Tell us one surprising thing about you?

I have a musical background and studied music in school. I sidestepped into tech when I joined a music tech company. After learning a ton there, I moved on and joined Leadpages during a very aggressive growth period. I worked there first in support on Drip software and quickly moved up to join the management team. It was all an incredible growth and learning experience.




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