Centralized Provider Platform

Stop managing content packages from individual providers. When you add the Fitness On Demand library to your platform, you’ll instantly give your users access to over 1,200 of the leading fitness, wellness, and mindfulness classes.

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What Does it Do?

MinimizeCost & Effort

Reduce the time and money you spend looking for new content, instructors, and app features.


Expand your content offerings with another 1,200 classes.


Automatically enroll members with instant access to your app and content.


Understand member preferences and engagement with user-level watch history.


Simplify admin work for your team by giving them 1 platform for member management.


Expand what you can offer in the same app your users know, love, and trust.


Don't Recreate the Wheel

Adding features shouldn't mean adding costs. Minimize the contracts you sign and the expenses that follow by integrating our content library, member management, live streaming, and geo fence capabilities with your own app or platform. We’ve built everything, so you don’t have to.

Improve Retention Rates

Reduce intimidation for newer members by giving them an option to try new workouts or classes on their terms. Building this confidence increases their attendance in live classes and keeps them engaged, creating a stronger gym community that keeps members around for longer.

Limitless Possibilities

There are countless ways you and your members can benefit by integrating Fitness On Demand into your platform. For example:

  • Provide automatic access to content for new members
  • Create an engaged fitness community outside of your walls
  • Automate temporary access during a hotel stay
  • Expand membership tiers to include premium content
  • Minimize seasonal churn by giving users at-home fitness options

Enhance Your Platform

Schedule a consult to see how integrating our content with your platform can help you and your users meet their goals.