Benefits of HIIT with Mike Donavanik

Benefits of HIIT with Mike Donavanik

The rise of the celebrity trainer has every fitness fanatic wanting to try the newest and hottest workouts. One such trainer is Mike Donavanik – who has trained Rumer Willis, Katie Holmes, Juliette Lewis, Sara Underwood, Jeremy Jordan, Academy Award nominated producers, and even a few of Hollywood’s top celebrity trainers. Mike specializes in High Intensity Interval Training, and now his Extreme Burn and Xtreme Burn! programs are available on Fitness On Demand™.

Mike explained why his programs and HIIT in general is so effective:

It’s challenging, it’s fun…and it’s backed by science. I have my degree in Kinesiology, so when I design my workouts – I want them to be effective on every level…from exercise selection, to intensity, to rest duration – I make sure that they are all maximized so that the participants have fun, stay safe and see results!

All my workouts utilize high intensity interval training, or HIIT. So you have all out bursts of heart pumping strength and cardio, followed up with some active recovery to bring the heart rate down a bit, then we spike it back up again. That is the essence of interval training – the constant back and forth between all-out effort and slower paced active recovery. HIIT is one of the most efficient ways to burn fat, build muscle, and to keep the metabolism elevated for up to 48 hours after a single workout session. So not only do you burn calories while you’re in class – you end up burning major calories long after class is over too…that’s what is commonly known as the “afterburn effect”

14 Day FOD™ Challenge:

Mike has designed this 14-day challenge utilizing his workouts available on Fitness On Demand™ systems. This challenge is the perfect jump start towards your fitness goals! No matter what fitness level you’re at – you’ll feel challenged, have fun, become stronger and see insane results quick! With Mike, you’ll hit everything from head to toe – legs, arms, back, core, abs…it’s all on the menu!

Extreme Burn – 14 Day FOD™ Challenge 
Day 14: REST DAY