Boost Member Retention with GX

Boost Member Retention with GX

A recent study shows that group exercise may be the key to keeping members at your club.

Member retention is at the core of any successful fitness facility, yet continues to be the biggest challenge for most operators. The Retention People, the leading providers of customer experience management solutions for the global health and fitness industry, recently surveyed 10,000 fitness members to better understand membership behavior. What they found was 50 percent of club members leave within six months. This statistic raises the question: Why do your most loyal members stay?

The answer? Group Exercise.

The research shows that the long-term members are more likely to participate in group exercise than new members. In addition, the study concludes that gym-only members have a 56 percent higher risk of canceling when compared to group exercise participants.

Retention isn’t the only beneficial byproduct of a successful group exercise department. Those loyal members also tend to become the biggest word of mouth advocates for the facility. According to the study, the group exercise participants are also 84 percent more likely to recommend their facility to a friend or family member.

So how do gym operators leverage group exercise to retain members? Read the complete article from Club Industry for tips.