Clubs Get Smarter with ClassCount

Clubs Get Smarter with ClassCount

Intelligent System from FitnessOnDemand Tracks Live, Virtual Class Attendance; Analytics Optimize Club Scheduling for EfficiencyVirtual Class Members

Club equipment has become almost space age. Interiors are like boutique hotels. So why shouldn’t the more mundane – but mission critical – things like class scheduling get the same overhaul? Announcing ClassCount from FitnessOnDemand, the very latest in smart, data-driven analytics to help you run a tight ship and get even more member love.

ClassCount Attendance Tracker

The best part is ClassCount is simple but super effective. Smart cameras track live class attendance whatever the day or time, so you know which classes and which instructors are drawing a crowd – and when. It also monitors virtual classes and member engagement with digital fitness content, so you can easily and quickly recognize virtual class trends, optimize your fitness and specialty schedules and grease the wheels for maximum efficiency.

If you’re already a FitnessOnDemand facility partner you can add ClassCount today by contacting us, or ask for more information to make your schedule run smarter and harder right away.

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