Manage & Activate Every Screen

Entertain, Inspire, Engage

Unlike traditional static flyers that go unnoticed almost 80% of the time, digital signage gives you the flexibility to create interactive content that targets your consumers and brings movement to your screens.

The optimal digital communication solution

More Captivating Screens

Generate more value with your public displays with content that keeps people engaged

Automated, Rotating Messaging

Showcase building news, promote activities, and highlight premium amenities

Sports, News, Trivia, and Wellness

Provide fast-paced content like trivia, fun facts, news, and sports highlights

Custom Events and Promotions

Promote your sales or events when people are most receptive to them

One Centralized Platform

One place to manage all your entertainment content, promotions, schedules, and events on any screen


Create interactive content that resonates with your audience and creates more value from screen in your building


Design Your Displays

Using a combination of images, text, videos, trivia, and more allows you to target your audience with relevant messaging and content. You can even create schedules to promote sales or events when people are most receptive to them.

  • Promote happy hours
  • Remind members of your referral program
  • Advertise spa treatments during the weekend
  • Announce changes in your hours of operations

Powering Performance for any Industry

Multi-Family Housing

Captivate your residents with dynamic displays they can't ignore to:

  • Create a stronger sense of community with their neighbors
  • Increase resident satisfaction and retention rates
  • Revitalize common areas and increase traffic
  • Showcase building news, promote amenities, activities and more

Check out all the ways we support multi-family housing buildings here!

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