Featured Instructor: Jules Szabo – The Dancer’s Workout®

Jules Szabo, the featured instructor in The Dancer’s Workout® series on Fitness On Demand™,  is a classical ballet graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.  She teaches The Dancer’s Workout® classes to ballet, jazz, and contemporary adult dancers and is particularly passionate about finding former dancers and using her classes to bring dance back into their lives.

The Dancer’s Workout® classes use ballet, jazz, contemporary, pop, hip-hop, and toning exercises to safely and effectively recondition the body and spirit!  These adult classes are a fantastic dance fitness option for current dancers and for former dancers who want to find their way back home!

Jules is a prolific choreographer who has created numerous unique masterclasses of The Dancer’s Workout®, ten of which are currently featured on her Fitness On Demand™ channel, and two of which are included with all Fitness On Demand™ memberships.  These clever classes add pop and flair to traditional elements of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance, burn upwards of 700 calories per class, and offer adult dancers a way to finally, once again, achieve their daily fitness goals through dance.  Jules has partnered with Fitness On Demand™ to gain access to virtual exercise technology in order to provide current and former dancers with an exciting, efficient, and affordable means of re-incorporating dance into their daily lives.

If you are a current or former dancer, look for health clubs in your area which offer Fitness On Demand™, and Join the TDW Movement!


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