Killing Kale – Alternative Superfoods for Super Taste

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Well, if you’re like some of us here, kale’s run its’ course a bit. We stuffed it in salads and smoothies and struggled to like it for breakfast like we were told we should. It’s super good for you of course, but it’s not super tasty. So we decided to dig around and find other super foods that are really flavorful but also super good for you as you look to power your next workout at the gym, or stay sharp for the workday ahead. Here’s the low down:

Firstly, what’s a superfood? Simple. They’re found in nature and, unadulterated and unchanged, they’re really good for us, for our bodies and energy levels whatever we’re doing. They’re packed with nutrients, good for your overall health and can also offer specific health benefits. Most are pretty tasty too.


Our Favorites:

Avocado smoothieAvocado’s – Unless you’ve been under a rock for two years, you’ll have seen Avocado Toast on every breakfast menu everywhere. And there’s a reason for it. Avocados offer 20 different nutrients. They’re good with eggs, in salads, as a sliced side with pan seared chicken or just about anything. We love them in a gym-friendly smoothie too. Add spinach, avocado, maple syrup, a pinch of salt and some raw cocoa together and you’ve got a super food smoothie to power or recover from a run, bike ride or session at the club. Way better and less calories than a Starbucks stop.

Blueberries and Watercress

Talk about a killer combo. Blueberries have powerful antioxidants, support brain health, protect you against heart disease and cancer; they regulate blood sugar and can even fend off UTI’s. Eat them on their own or combine them with watercress and a squeeze of lemon and you’re adding fiber, vitamins A and C and all-natural protection against cell damage when working out.


Roasted asparagus with poached eggHigh in antioxidants and low in calories, Asparagus is a versatile superfood. Perfect with poached eggs and prosciutto, in a salad or with evening dinner, they aid digestion and lower blood pressure.


The superfood underdog, Apricots combine A and C vitamins. They’re also low calorie, and high in fiber. Eat them on their own, mash them into salsa or add them to a salad.

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