Most Popular March Classes

At FitnessOnDemand we offer thousands of classes of high-quality, premium digital fitness content from some of the world’s leading names and experts in personalized fitness. Of the many options we have to offer, lets countdown our top most popular classes from March 2021.


5. FitFusion: Tone + Shred Abs

Tone and Shred is the first collaboration between Jillian Michaels and Tone It Up exclusively for FitFusion. This 25-minute workout combines techniques from the most popular and powerful fitness modalities – HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, dynamic resistance training and more to ensure incredible variety, maximum results and a sweat session you’ll like showing up for!


4. Sweat Factor: 20-Minute Yoga Cardio Sculpt

20-Minute Yoga Cardio Sculpt

Join Frances Flores & flow through a series of exercises that are bound to leave you breathless. You’ll connect breath to movement & work through short bursts of cardio to torch major calories.


3. 20 Minute Body: HIIT MAX – Phase 2

This version of HIIT MAX turns up the intensity with brand new HIIT exercises to burn fat and sculpt your body. Each exercise is only 30 seconds, but the results just keep coming from this non-stop workout!


2. Intelligent Cycling: Beautiful Glow (Voice Instructed)

Beautiful Glow

A perfect symphony of intervals mixed between seated/standing and smaller sprints. The medium intensity will push you to the limit but not beyond.


1. Fitscope: Cycling: 45 Min Adv Rhythm Ride with Brinn

Cycling 45 Min Adv Rhythm Ride with Brinn L

In this advanced level class, Brinn builds both strength and endurance with several hard power climbs as well as fast sprints, and evens combines the two for uphill sprints! She also makes use of crunches and other choreo for a full body workout.


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