New Class Releases: SH1FT, Power Music, Adventure to Fitness

This month we’ve added 20 new classes to our Fitness On Demand™ library, including fresh new workouts from Power Music Group Rx and Adventure to Fitness, as well as workouts from brand new provider SH1FT®.

SH1FT® is Smart High Intensity Functional Training that allows people of every fitness level to train smarter and stay fit for life. There are 10 SH1FT® workouts now available with all Fitness On Demand® Platinum memberships.

Check out the previews below to learn more about SH1FT® and the rest of this month’s new releases and try a new workout today!

SH1FT® – Smart High Intensity Functional Training

SH1FT® workouts blend the best of HIIT with smart functional fitness. Your own body weight is the tool you’ll use to build aerobic fitness, a stronger core and lean muscles as you sweat through simple progressions that work for all fitness levels.

Power Music Group Rx – REVOLUTION 26

Short on time doesn’t mean short on results. Saddle up for an efficient high intensity interval training (HIIT) cycling experience that strengthens your legs, improves heart and lung function, and increases your determination to be fit for life. 30 minutes is all your need. Join the Revolution!

Power Music Group Rx – RIP 26

RIP is a barbell workout that incorporates functional orthopedic strength training. Every movement plane is attacked using weights and body weight. Featuring safe and motivating exercises, and great music to create a thrilling group fitness atmosphere.

Adventure to Fitness – Tasmanian Trouble

Welcome adventurers! Today on Adventure to Fitness, Mr. Marc travels to Tasmania off the coast of Australia to tame the legendary and thought-to-be-extinct… Tasmanian Tiger and stop it from scaring away tourists and residents of the Island of Inspiration – but beware Mr. Marc, for all is not as it seems! Be swift, be safe, and be adventurers!

Adventure to Fitness – Medieval Madness

Welcome adventurers! Today we travel back to the Middle Ages and the chivalrous time of knights and bravery! Word has it that a special competition is being held to test the skill and agility of all who seek glory! Your Mission is to help Mr. Marc win the day and rightfully claim the title as Champion! Be swift, be safe, and be adventurers!