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Peak by JW Featuring Nora Tobin

JW Marriott has partnered with health and wellness expert Nora Tobin to nurture your passion for well-being through a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition. Nora has crafted mindful exercises to nourish both mind and body to help you reenergize and focus during your meeting.


These simple breathing exercises enhance cognitive function, connect right and left sides of the brain and improve focus. The short series of guided breath work takes very little time to completely recharge and reenergize the body and mind.


These movements boost metabolism, increase energy and re-focus the mind. Each exercise enhances range of motion, reduces pressure on the low back and releases stagnant energy.


These simple stretches reinvigorate the body, reduce stress and release tension. The short series lengthens the muscles and opens the energy channels in the body.


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