Virtual group fitness classes by schedule & on-demand


Virtual group fitness classes by schedule & on-demand

No more empty studios. Seriously.

GROUP™ by FitnessOnDemand™ is designed for studio spaces to optimize their fitness offerings by instantly injecting hundreds of premium fitness classes into otherwise moderately utilized spaces. Experience on premise amenity features like a point-of-service kiosk to serve your members, residents or guests outside of the studio while programming takes place inside the studio. Administrative features like an online back office is designed to streamline fitness scheduling, manage content and access valuable program performance and usage analytics.


The self-service digital kiosk interface allows users to walk up and instantly begin a workout on their schedule.


Workouts can be scheduled to automatically begin at designated times. Easily share your class schedule to be viewed on any device.


Manage your complete instructor-led and virtual fitness class schedules, plus access valuable analytics from anywhere.

On-Demand Virtual Fitness Kiosk


Your FitnessOnDemand membership includes a touch screen kiosk and media hub which easily integrates with any video display of your choice and instantly transforms your studio to a modern virtual group fitness destination. Also included with each membership is a suite of carefully curated programming, access to the online fitness management app, monthly advisory services, and 24-hour customer support.


The GROUP™ platform for studios offers a variety of programming options ranging from 5-60 minutes in length and features all the latest trends in group fitness. Users can immerse themselves in popular studio formats like yoga, cycling/spinning, core, dance, and more. Customize content offerings to create a custom virtual experience that reflects your brand, including programming from the industry’s most renowned instructors and brands like Jillian Michaels, Les Mills Virtual, Zumba®, SH1FT, Power Music Group Rx, and more.

On-Demand Fitness Classes
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GROUP for studios is designed for dedicated rooms anywhere from 300-2500 sqft. Your virtual studio can provide an experience that is unique and a departure from the main fitness floor of your apartment, hotel or health club. Design consultations are available to select the perfect video display, lighting, sound, and finishes creating an immersive virtual experience.


Multiple membership options are available to fit the needs of your facility. All memberships have no long-term contracts and you can cancel at any time. Contact us to learn more about adding FitnessOnDemand GROUP to your health club, apartment or hotel fitness facility.

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