Channels for Every Mood

Eliminate Wasted Spend

Trade-in your expensive cable subscription for an entertainment experience people can easily follow while on move. Provide fast-paced content like trivia, fun facts, news, and sports highlights, all tailor-made for your facility and budget.

The superior entertainment platform

Captivating Screens

Engage people with active displays that bring more value than idle screens

Fast-Paced Content

Tailor your content to keep up with the pace of fitness with Sports, News, Trivia, and Wellness

Sports, News, Trivia, Wellness

Cater to every viewing interest with a variety of entertaining options

One Platform For Entertainment

Manage every dynamic visual shown on your screens

Accessible, Purposeful Content

Play entertainment that doesn't solely rely on captions or audio to be entertaining

Custom Events and Promotions

Display custom ads and promotions that highlight your premium amenities and offerings


Circuits & Recovery Your Way

Eliminate idle spaces by providing self-service circuits and recovery exercises that support people’s overall wellness. Take advantage of our library of on-demand content or upload your own recovery and circuit suggestions!

Improve Engagement & Retention Rates

Broadcast TV

Customizable entertainment

Create more value by replacing idle and irrelevant screen-time with rotating, curated entertainment and content that promotes your sales and revenue streams.

Integrate Seamlessly

Broadcast TV seamlessly integrates with our Digital Signage product, offering one comprehensive platform to manage all your visual communication, entertainment, and promotional content.

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Powering Performance for any Industry

Multi-Family Housing

Hold your members' attention from every corner in your facility to:

  • Create a stronger sense of community with their neighbors
  • Increase resident satisfaction and retention rates
  • Revitalize common areas and increase traffic
  • Showcase building news, promote amenities, activities, and more

Check out all the ways we support multi-family housing buildings here!

Get in touch with our consultants to find out how easy it is to provide an ever-expanding library of on-demand fitness and wellness classes catered to any lifestyle.

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