Theater Enhanced Indoor Cycling

Theater Enhanced Indoor Cycling

The rapid increase in Spin class popularity has cycle enthusiasts searching for more options and additional experiences. Fitness On Demand™ recently caught up with Brennan Shirk of Induro Cycling to discuss the future of the indoor cycling class dynamic to which Induro and FOD™ are embracing and delivering.

Desired indoor cycle options such as music selection, trainer options, and unique cycling destinations are just a few of the many features in high demand. “What we are finding in the industry is the misuse of road footage alone” Shirk stated. “We have mastered quality video with chapters and focus on creating a cultural experience for each ride above and beyond just road footage. We want spin class riders to feel as if they are actually experiencing a ride atop the Rockies in Colorado, or coasting along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Bonita Springs, Florida from the moment they walk into class until they leave.” As a result, Shirk created the Induro Feature Series™. In addition to high quality road footage, this series includes sunrises, sunsets, warm up, cool down, and stretching chapters to complete the immersive theater experience.

When asked why he feels the Induro Feature Series™ should be used over just having instructors start a video with road footage, Shirk compared it to a movie theater experience. “I couldn’t imagine walking into a movie theater with the lights on. I am expecting the lights to be dim and the cartoon images of the popcorn telling the soda to turn the cell phone off, or a prompt on the screen showing me some old movie quotes. If I expect that in a sit down theater, why not expect the same level of professionalism when walking into a theater enhanced cycling studio?”

Induro Feature Series™ Videos Include:

10 Minute Welcome Chapter: Examples include sunrise, sunsets, etc.  Allows for instructors to start the video before the class is scheduled to begin, greet people and help them set up their bikes. Class participants walk into a theater enhanced environment.

3 Minute Warm Up: Riding through space while the instructor covers resistance, cadence, positions and moves.

2 Minute Prelude: A brief collection of scenic and cultural shots introducing the ride location.

Feature Ride: Road footage!!

10 Minute Closing (2 minute cool down / 5 minute stretch / 3 minute exit) Chapter: Allows for the theater enhanced environment to continue post ride.

A partnership with Fitness On Demand™ as a commercial delivery system allows for Induro to provide this theater enhanced cycling experience to a broader audience than ever before.

The new Induro Feature Series™ videos are available in the Induro Road Series package on Fitness On Demand™. Login or contact your Customer Experience Advisor to add the Induro Road Series package today.