Happy with the Year but Not Your Fitness Resolutions?

Happy with the Year but Not Your Fitness Resolutions?

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We did it. Happy New Year, new decade – and new you, if you believe all of the magazine headlines in the grocery store, right? We’re led to believe that all it takes to get in shape, drop the holiday pounds and live a re-invigorated life for the new year is to set some resolutions and get going.

That’s an admirable attitude, but according U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of New Year Resolutions fail by February. Some even before that. So what can we all do to stay on track to fitness for the full year? Here’s our January checklist:

Think Mindset not Must-Do

The first thing to realize is resolution is a concrete term. We set ourselves up for failure in a way, by saying “I will do this” or “I must be this way.” Psychologists suggest a better game plan is to think about your goal for the year, a softer target that can still inspire action and effort, without the absolute black and white success/failure feeling of the resolution. Adopting a word for the year that summarizes your intentions is also a good way to start with a realistic mindset.

Set Specific Goals for Decisive Action

“Get fit” or “lose weight” top many people’s lists after the excess and kick-back attitude of the holidays. But those open ended resolutions can be too broad, too vague and lead to easy inaction. Instead set specific goals that you can work against: join a fitness class on Tuesdays, find a personal trainer to help me get started, or improve my core strength are all goals that have more easily identifiable steps to take to success.

Schedule Success – Digitally.

Make it easy on yourself. The holidays are a time to wind down, but in January everyone expects us to be recharged and ready to go whatever the task. As work and life re-set, make it easy on yourself and create a schedule for success. It’s easy to say you can’t get to a cardio class because the class schedule doesn’t work, or traffic’s too heavy at that time of day, but there are options. FitnessOnDemand or other virtual fitness at your club can help you get your workout in or try a class when it works for you. And when classes are convenient, we tend to go back, create a rhythm and develop a habit. Once you’ve got several weeks of on-demand classes and workouts under your belt, you’ll be off and running toward making the most out of everything your gym offers – and on your way to your fitness goals for the year.

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