Staying on Track During Holiday Stress

Staying on Track During Holiday Stress

They’re here. The holidays, or at least the start of them. And the beginning of the winter wind down, where we make excuses for portion sizes, stall out on our workouts and resolve to make resolutions about both in January. Who has time for workouts with so much to do? Another piece of pie? Why not?

Studies show that 62 percent of Americans report elevated stress in the run up to the holidays. And all that stress leads to anxiety, high blood pressure and health problems. But with a little mindfulness amid the chaos and some well tested strategies, we can all stay on track for a happy, health and fit New Year.


Three Steps to Holiday Health:


Mindful Eating + Portion Control

The holiday overload has already started for many – with Thanksgiving dinner. 4500 calories on one plate and the added stress of holiday family tensions. It can set the stage for a month or more of over-eating but psychologists argue that something as simple as mindfulness when choosing what you eat can have a real effect on those extra calories. Load up on veggies and say no to every other dessert.

Travel Workouts

It’s tempting to bump working out into January at this time of year. After all we’re traveling to see multiple family members and our normal routines are all impacted. But it’s easier than ever to continue your favorite workout class online, on a smart phone app, or even getting a guest pass to the gym in your destination town and log into the same on-demand classes you would at home. Even 30 minutes, can burn 300-400 calories and keep you on track.

Meditate Stress Away

The Holidays are a time to celebrate friends and family, but you shouldn’t forget yourself. Take time to find a quiet spot, light a candle and do some deep breathing exercises, or a quick meditation class on your smartphone. Mix it up with a walk in the fresh air the next day and make sure that while your holidays are intended to be happy they also stay healthy.

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