In The Spotlight with Greystar

In the Spotlight: Greystar

A regular look at the global trend-shapers and experts that help FitnessOnDemand keep our customers on the front edge of what’s happening in fitness. This month we talked with Heather Ley of Greystar to learn how their properties are successfully utilizing FitnessOnDemand. 

Q: Tell us a little about Greystar Property Management if you would

We’re a global owner, developer and manager of rental housing properties. Student accommodation, Active Adult,  and multi-family apartments. Since we started in 1993, we’ve grown to almost 15,000 employees across 51 offices in 186 countries. But we always say our growth and success comes down to the fact that we put people first in everything we do.

Q: Greystar has a reputation for leading edge amenities – how do you use FitnessOnDemand?

We’re focused on creating the very best experiences for our residents, whether that’s the standard of building, or amenities like on-site access to digital fitness content. We now have installed some form of FitnessOnDemand system in many of our properties across the U.S. and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Q: How are residents using the fitness content?

We’re hearing reports that our residents are enjoying access to the technology and the convenience of having on-demand fitness on their own doorstep. Usage reports can vary from month to month, but during August and September we saw cycling, core fitness and lower body workouts were popular. There’s also been great feedback that people like the ability to stop a class and change their minds and don’t feel locked in once their class or workout has started. 

Q: Greystar recently installed FitnessOnDemand in your corporate offices – did you do that because of the success of your residential buildings?

Yes! The postive reaction to FitnessOnDemand in our residential properties has been great, so we looked at bringing it to our Global Headquarters. My department is based in South Carolina. During the summer months we have access to all kinds of outdoor fitness activities but with the seasonal change and cold weather approaching, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more use of indoor fitness options. We’re all already familiar with the system because of the installs in our residential buildings, so it’s easy to use.




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