Featured Instructor: Cathe Friedrich

Before there was Zumba, Tae Bo, Spinning or even Step Aerobics, fitness pioneer Cathe Friedrich recognized the need to provide a simple, flexible, affordable, and motivating way for Americans to exercise and stay fit. Nearly 30  years and over 200 workout videos later, thousands of people have credited Cathe Friedrich for helping them to transform their bodies and their lives with her videos. Today, her fitness empire includes all types of workouts and is one of the largest privately owned fitness video libraries in the world. Cathe was just recently inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame.

Cathe has 4 videos featured on all Fitness On Demand™ systems and 35 total videos available through her elective channels. Her FOD™ workouts include everything from boxing, step, yoga, barre, cycling, and more. With all of these options from one of the best certified and professional group fitness instructors in the industry, you’re sure to get the results you’re looking for.