Most Popular Virtual Fitness Classes in June

Here at FitnessOnDemand we offer thousands of classes of high-quality, premium digital fitness content from some of the world’s leading names and experts in personalized fitness. Of the many options we have to offer, lets take a look at our top 25 most popular classes from June 2021.


1. Move123: Strength Total Body 20mins with Claire #1

Virtual Fitness

Improve your muscular strength and functionality with this targeted strength workout from Claire.


2. Sweat Factor: Beginner Burn: Upper Body

Virtual Fitness

Jaime McFaden guides you through an upper-body workout that focuses on form & strength. Some moves are bodyweight-only, some use dumbbells & some are total-body.


3.POPSUGAR: 30-Minute Booty, Thigh, and Abs Workout

POPSUGAR Virtual Fitness
Tighten and tone your butt and legs with this no-equipment workout from Victoria’s Secret model trainer Stephen Pasterino. His P.Volve method focuses on building long, lean muscle tone and eliminating bulk. Get ready to work your body in a new way.



R1DE Virtual Fitness

Blend power and pace in this 10 minute HIIT RIDE, designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time.


5. FitFusion: Tone + Shred Abs

Virtual Fitness

Tone and Shred is the first collaboration between Jillian Michaels and Tone It Up exclusively for FitFusion. This 25-minute workout ensures incredible variety, maximum results and a sweat session you’ll like showing up for!



Class NameProvider
6. Cycle Max
Cathe Friedrich
7. Cycling: 45 Min Adv Rhythm Ride with BrinnFitscope
8. Beginner Burn: CardioSweat Factor
9. Beautiful Glow - Ride the World (voice-guided)Intelligent Cycling
10. 15 Minute Abs Workout GymRa
11. Gotta Let Go - Ride the World (voice-guided)Intelligent Cycling
12. Dancer Refined AbsSleek Technique
14. 20-Minute Upper Body HIIT ShredSweat Factor
15. Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes with Latin DancePOPSUGAR
16. Lake Como ItalyBike-O-Vision
17. Bollywood Dance WorkoutPOPSUGAR
18. Yoga 10min with Trish #8Move123
19. 15-Minute Abs & Core BurnoutSweat Factor
20. 30-Minute Relax & RestorePOPSUGAR
21. 20-Minute Pilates 101 Workout
Sweat Factor
22. BODYSHRED™ Dynamic Dumbbell TrainingFitFusion
23. Julia's Fat Scorching CardioGymRa
24. 10-Minute Yoga StretchSweat Factor



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