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In Focus: Thoughts From Leadership

September 23, 2019

    In Focus: Thoughts From Leadership

    FOD App Updated, New Direction for Growth

    You won’t often find us being introspective at FitnessOnDemand. We’re usually laser focused on working with our content producer partners and clients all over the world and simply don’t catch our breath to realize what just happened. But as the summer begins to wind down towards fall, it’s as good a time as any to take stock and offer an update from the many happenings at FOD HQ.

    Tech Investment

    We’ve invested heavily over the past few months in evolving our infrastructure and developing a strong, new backbone for our system. That may not seem like headline news, but it’s going to allow us far greater freedoms and flexibility in doing what we love most: evolving our content and technology and bringing more frequent feature enhancements that drive success for our customers. 

    While the majority of our business lies in on-premise content delivery: state of the art in-club studios, touch screen kiosks and the like, omni-channel delivery continues to be important. So, we just completed version 2.0 of the FitnessOnDemand GROUP5 app, which will continue to roll out to customers over the next few weeks. It’s essential to us that we build end user loyalty for our customers by ensuring we can effectively deliver the best, curated content, classes and brand experience wherever the consumer turns next: club, home or on-the-go.

    Evolving Marketplace for Producers

    We’re going to be evolving our global content marketplace too, which will be a win-win for everyone. Our team has built both a worldwide network of the leading names, experts and brands in fitness content today, as well as exclusive content deployment channels that help those producers reach massive, new commercial audiences. We’ll now begin to focus on really optimizing and delivering the most popular, sought-after content to the widest possible commercial audiences. A merit based marketplace, if you will, that will help the best producers scale their unique, in-studio experiences to a global, exclusive audience across many commercial channels. Our customers will continue to get the widest catalogue of fitness and wellness content for their end users, members and tenants as well as an unmatched, omni-channel eco-system of smart delivery options.

     User Experience Remains King

    It’s incredibly exciting to see how ubiquitous the need and demand for high quality fitness content has become in the past few years. Consumers want instant access at the gym, traveling in a hotel or on the go on a mobile device, but they are demanding when it comes to the content type. Boutique, personalized content is sought-after as much as leading name brand class content. So as our business evolves and grows, part of our charge is to stay close to this critical driver at the end user level, to stay out in front of trends and help create opportunity and successes for our customers.

    Last Word from Leadership

    Lastly, things are changing at FOD internally too. I have assumed the role of Divisional Vice President, while Andrew Evenson has been promoted to Senior Director, Operations and Brand Strategy. Together with our senior team, Andrew and I are driving an exciting, evolved agenda that will see some incredible innovation for our customers and our team in the coming months and years. Watch this space, and thank you.  

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