New Induro Cycling Offerings

May 3, 2016

    New Induro Cycling Offerings: Virtual Fitness Instructor Series

    Induro Cycling has just released an entire NEW LIBRARY consisting of 20 HD videos for Fitness On Demand™ systems.  The rides include destinations from Mexico to Scotland. Choose from both the GUIDED Virtual Fitness Instructor Series and the LIVE Fitness Instructor Series for the perfect theater enhanced cycling experience. You, your staff, and your users will love these new rides! See the full list of destinations below.


    Guided Rides Destinations

    Induro Cycling has heard your requests for videos that you can teach to. This is now offered in the Live channel, which highlights the Induro Cycling Motion videos. The Motion videos are forward motion road videos with energetic soundtracks that are perfect for live fitness instructors conducting a theater enhanced cycling regimen. Check out the LIVE Fitness Instructor Series for a theater enhanced cycling experience that you and your students will LOVE!


    Live Instructor Destinations

    Each series is being offered to Fitness On Demand™ customers for an amazing low rate of only $9.95 per month.

    To learn more about Induro Cycling Live Instructor certification workshops and CEUs for ACE and NETA please contact [email protected] 

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    Andrew Evenson

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